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29 June 2014 @ 09:00 pm
these are my parents
 photo IMG_0041_zpsa69808b7.jpg

this is my mom with her first child
 photo IMG_0017_zps27a76320.jpg

this is me, her third child
 photo IMG_0063_zps499b8245.jpg

check out these assholes
 photo IMG_0012_zpse546bb81.jpg

I forget my mom was young once too, like me

 photo IMG_0009_zpsd9c1e590.jpg

and she was really young once...
 photo shahida_infant_zps1db4b2ac.jpg

the two men on the far corners are my grand fathers, the women next to them are my grandmothers, the children around them are who raised me
 photo momanddadfamilies_zpsad654011.jpg

my mom on the far right, with her mother and sister
 photo nanijaanandtwodaughters_zpsfde25d20.jpg