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...out of road, out of car....gonna come gonna go.

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brutal honey
6 January
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i'm the shit
1969 gt ford mustang, 30 seconds to mars, a clockwork orange, adult swim, advertising, akira, america's most wanted, american beauty, american history x, amphetamines, anime, aqua teen hunger force, arabic, ass, astronomy, bass, beck, belly dancing, body modification, booze, bright eyes, brutal honey, bumping everything, burns, catcher in the rye, chevelle, chicken shawarma, chicken shoarma, choke, chuck palahniuk, cocaine, cold, corruption, crystal meth, daft punk, dave navarro, death, death of a salesman, dinosaur jr, disco, donnie darko, drug movies, drums, ecstasy, edward scissor hands, eminem, equality, evangelion, eyeliner, fight club, fusionanomaly.net, ghetalion, giovanni ribisi, glassjaw, gwen stefani, hed pe, hieroglyphics, holden caulfield, hookahs, insomnia, invisible monsters, ipod, itchii (sp?) the killer, jack white, jay-z, johnny depp, kung fu hustle, linguistics, linkin park, lizards, love, marilyn manson, marla singer, marlboro cigarettes, masochism, master shake, mdma, methamphetamine, mix cds, modest mouse, muse, mushrooms, musique, n.e.r.d, nas, nasa channel, nice abs, nico, nirvana, nuget, oscar wilde, pavement, philosophy, photography, pirates of the carribean, portishead, primer55, project mayhem, pscyhology, pulp-free orange juice, radiohead, reqiuem for a dream, sage francis, salvia, science rock, scrubs, self induced vomitting, shamanism, shrooms, smoking, social manipulation, sociology, speed, steinbeck, sublime, system of a down, tag artists, taproot, the bravery, the futureheads, the impossibles, the killers, the pixies, the ramones, the simpsons, the strokes, the vines, third eye blind, toadies, trench coats, tyler durden, underground, velvet underground, yeah yeah yeahs

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